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Platform preferences? September 5, 2011

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PCAD has always been a PC-based software system. (Well, at least as long as there have been PCs. Earlier versions ran on DEC mainframes and minicomputers, if there’s anyone out there old enough to remember them.) We started PC work on DOS, and migrated to Windows many years ago.

From time to time, we’re asked if PCAD can run on other platforms. The answer, in theory, is yes. There is nothing in the underlying processing that PCAD performs that is tied to Windows. As a practical matter, however, the user interface is dependent on the underlying operating system, which means that moving to some other platform (Linux, MacOS, etc.) could require a fair amount of new development. Supporting multiple platforms is also usually more costly than supporting only one.

All that said, we’re interested in finding out if there’s significant demand for PCAD on other platforms. The obvious targets would be the Apple Mac and (one or more flavors of) Linux. It’s also possible to imagine a web-based version of PCAD, though that raises many thorny issues of privacy and data protection that are potentially simpler in a single-machine environment.

Right now, we’re not sure that there’s a good story about PCAD on a smartphone (or on a tablet), other than possibly though a web-based implementation accessed through a browser – but perhaps we’re not thinking it through clearly.

Let us know, either in comments here or in email to our support or info addresses, if you would license a version of PCAD for the Mac or Linux, if you would use a web-based version of PCAD, or if you see a way that the functionality would be useful to you on a phone/tablet. Thanks for the input!